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House extension in Brockley, London.


We made a video explaining our proposal for Plovdiv's Square.




Proposal for a civic center in Reinosa, Spain.



Aarhus School of Architecture

The Aarhus School of Architecture together with the Danish Building & Property Agency organized an open international competition for the design of the new school of Architecture in Aarhus. The aim of this competition was to re-think the programming of a modern school of architecture. Our proposal was highlighted by the jury.
You can find more information about our project here.
And more information about the competition here.


Production and Performance

Last year FORA participated in two competitions for the design of museums: The House of Hungarian Music and The Guggenheim Helsinki. These competitions were an opportunity to research on the new possibilities that arise for the museum in today's society. The increasing complexity of the museum’s logistics poses a great challenge to a building that wishes to remain public. A large production apparatus, responsible for organizing and creating exhibitions, performances and art events, remains in the backstage.

Can the museum reveal this hidden realm, and reconcile production and performance as an integrated experience?


Plovdiv Central Square Winner

Following a period of public discussion, the Municipality of Plovdiv has announced that FORA is the winner of the Central Square Competition.

The brief asked for an architectural and landscape design solution for the revitalization and renovation of the central square in Plovdiv, Bulgaria´s second largest city, built upon the remains of the ancient roman Forum of Philippopolis. The intervention comprises an area of 57.000m2, and exposes the intersection of several architectural and historical layers, from antiquity until the Socialist State.

The competition received a total of 125 entries from 41 countries. The winning scheme will be presented in Plovdiv on the 18th of October during the festival 'One Architecture Week'.