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A Porta

The 5 Obstacles of Architecture - Chapter 1: The door


This first movie produced by FORA from a series dedicated to "The 5 Obstacles of Architecture" focuses on the door as a device sectioning public and private, in order to illustrate a wider apparatus that takes place between preparation and performance.

The 5 Obstacles of Architecture
Since Corbusier defined the future in 1923 we became destined to execute versions of his prophecy, with different degrees of success and compliance.
The revolution operated on the way buildings were conceived proved to be very effective, to the point that it can adapt itself to different cultural contexts, and also to evolving social organizations.
The success of his war against the pre-established canon transformed itself into a new dogma.
At the scale of a dwelling, one can identify 5 possible obstacles: door, window, wall, shit pipe, furniture. These remain to be challenged, altered, inverted, in the quest to discover a new architecture, or at least new forms to inhabit the existing ones.

Chapter 1 : The door
The gradual transformation of the characters takes place behind the door, where a small corridor articulates a series of spaces whose function is also mutating.
The door acts as a control device, regulating the flow between production (dressing rooms) and performance (the stage). Once this fragile threshold is crossed, the transformation is consummated.

5 Obstacles of Architecture


Team: João Moura Fagulha, João Prates Ruivo, Raquel Maria Oliveira.
Staring: Tânia Skin, Suelly Cadillac, Cláudia Ness, Susan Furtado, Laysa Sstar, Nana Bolero, Swayze, Missy Marbella.
FORA would like to thank the whole staff of ‘MisterGay’.