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Electric Landscapes

FORA + Aleksandra Kiszkielis, Alexander Geroussis, Vasilis Oikonomopoulos
Competition - Urban Plan - Athens - 2010

Flying Athens
Athens landscape has been consumed by construction over the years resulting in a dense city with an average of green free space per inhabitant very inferior to the rest of Europe. The steep topography has not been an obstacle to the built carpet that homogeneously covers the territory. Electric Landscapes is taking advantage of the only available space that can not be consumed by construction - the sky. Suggesting the realization of a network of cable trainways, a new system of public space is coming into force. A system that offers the Athenians the lacking public space, in the form of thematic platforms flying over the city, and finally putting Athens at their display.

The overhead network can connect to the rest of the public transport system, therefore offering the steep neighbourhoods - once victims of their topography, witnessing an altogether degradation and depreciation - an input to the rest of Athens' transport infrastructure. New connections and new centralities will be created within the existing urban tissue.


The station points of the network can function as hubs for economical, social and cultural development, as a new economy can flourish around them, new rest areas and parks will be created in their proximity and a new landmark for regeneration will become a source of interest and a prototype for connectivity and collectivity in the wider area of the city's centre.


Team: Aleksandra Kiszkielis, Alexander Geroussis, João Prates Ruivo, Raquel Maria Oliveira, Vasilis Oikonomopoulos. Client: EAXA - Unification of the Archaeological Sites of Athens.