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Plateia Theatrou

FORA + Vasilis Oikonomopoulos
Competition 2nd Prize - Urban Plan - Athens - 2010

The dense urban block conceals a void pregnant with new narratives: the square as a stage - an event space where everyday life and activities perform - the streets are the foyer and secondary living rooms, and adjacent terraces provide precious tribune seats overlooking the centre.

While the surrounding buildings are reactivated with educational, cultural and residential program, the square will become the main focal point around which events unfold. By slicing its surface, the scheme unveils the potential for novel uses in the existing terrain: a covered bar and services and the entrance to the main attraction: a helium balloon that projects the square into the sky, providing a new point of interest and a unique attraction to both city travellers and locals. The ascension reveals the city that lies at the feet of the acropolis and the sea beyond.


Team: João Prates Ruivo, Raquel Maria Oliveira, Vasilis Oikonomopoulos. Client: EAXA - Unification of the Archaeological Sites of Athens.