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Serlachius Museum Gösta

FORA + Beth Hughes
Competition - Museum Extension - Gösta - 2011

Extension vs Expansion
As the museum has grown inside the house, functional inadequacy is increasingly evident. (The domestic scale can no longer support the demands of the public use).
How can the new Gosta-Serlachius Museum take full advantage of the idyllic setting, without becoming subordinate to its new counterpart.
To protect this privileged location and to create a truly integrated institution, we propose a new hybrid: rather than an independent annex, the new museum program evolves from within the existing manor. The amalgam of existing manor with new museum offers a compact solution, respectful of the surrounding landscape and faithful to the original intent of the Manor House in a garden setting. A new appreciation and awareness of the existing museum evolves from its expansion: a flexible museum house that can transform and accommodate multiple types of exhibitions and installations, a modern art performance factory.
The spirit of the original building and museum is strengthened: the new expanded Gosta-Serlachius concentrates culture in a uniquely preserved natural setting.


Team: João Prates Ruivo, Raquel Maria Oliveira, João Moura Fagulha, Beth Hughes, Tudor Vasiliu.. Renders: Panoptikon. Client: Serlachius Museum Gösta.