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Truck for Remap

FORA + Vasilis Oikonomopoulos, Beth Hughes
Art Installation - Athens - 2011

The truck instalation accomodated a itinerant art project originated in Melbourne. It arrived in Athens in the context of the third edition of Remap, a bienal urban art show that takes place in Metaxourgeiou. Striped from its original skin, the truck is coupled with a secondary structure that suports an openable panel. For 2 weeks, the hybrid housed 3 installations and 2 sound performances.


Team: João Prates Ruivo, Beth Hughes, Vasilis Oikonomopoulos. Special thanks to: Aleksandra Kiszkielis, Alexandros Geroussis, Jorge Rodrigues, Miranda Iossifidis, Uli Gamper. Photograph: Yannis Drakoulidis. Artists: Kay Abude, Ros Bandt, Michael Fowler, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Dylan Martorell. Curated by: Busprojects for REMAP3, Melody Ellis, Nella Themelios.